Alterations | Does a New Conservatory Require Planning Permission & Building Regulations Consent?

• The volume in cubic metres or the dimensions (height, width, length) of the conservatory should be less than 70 cubic metres or 50 cubic metres in a conservation area or for a terraced house.

• The conservatory floor space should not exceed 30 square metres.

• The roof should be translucent and the walls substantially glazed.

• There must be no sink, WC or drainage and it must not be adjacent to the kitchen.

• The conservatory must be physically separated from the house by a door.

• The conservatory should not have a new electric connection although an extension from a spur in the house is generally acceptable.

• The conservatory must not be nearer to any highway than the nearest part of the original house.

• The conservatory must not be within 2 metres of any boundary fence/line.

• There must be at least 20 metres between the house (as extended by conservatory) and the highway.

• The conservatory must not be higher than the highest part of the roof of the original house.

• No part of the conservatory should be higher than 4 metres.

• Is there a shed, loft conversion, extension, garage, car port or other building at the property as this may affect whether Planning Permission and Building Regulations are required.

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