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Capital Gains Tax

Conveyancers are NOT Tax advisors

Cardiff conveyancer

We are NOT regulated by the FCA and cannot give Tax or Financial advice.

You should speak to an expert in that field.

However, there is information out there - freely available to all.

The Government has set out the relevant information on CGT here…

REMEMBER: Your Tax Return is your responsibility.

Errors fall on you and NOT on your agent I.e. your conveyancer

If your conveyancer submits a Land Transaction Return (LTT - Wales)* on your behalf, they do so as your agent, and based on the instructions you returned in your client care pack.

Bear in mind that the Revenue can pursue you after completion for any underpayment.

It is also a criminal offence to defraud the Revenue.

Or *Stamp Duty Land Tax Return (SDLT - England)


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