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Conveyancers & Lenders | A Communication Nightmare

Relying on faxes for communication! You could not make this up.

Lender faxes

Conveyancers only use fax because lenders insist on faxes rather than email correspondence.

Lenders like a fax and generally scan them onto their systems, which takes time. They also have a number of days turnaround before they have to respond.

Frequently they will refer correspondence from the conveyancer to another internal department or to the valuer. Each step requiring another few days turnaround or resetting the clock. Times have not moved on when communicating with lenders.

The article below highlights the nightmare of being a conveyancer and trying to get a lender response.

We are no longer in the dark ages. Please can lenders make email correspondence commonplace. They really do not like giving you an email address.

It’s the conveyancers and brokers who get it in the neck when conveyancers cannot get a response and progress matters.

I suppose we could always give the lender a call and spend 2 hours on the phone trying to get through to someone.

But conveyancers are the bad guys?


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