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Constantly Chasing Your Conveyancer

Quoted from article in Estate Agent Today: “Continually chasing your lawyer actually makes them less productive and indirectly is a cause of further delay in the process”

Constantly chasing your conveyancer

There is a legal process to follow. Agreeing or wanting completion dates that disregard the same will lead to frustration.

Constantly ringing or emailing your conveyancer to chase them results in them being unable to work on your file because they are dealing with calls and emails instead.

The Legal Process, Valuations, Surveys, Searches and Mortgages take time. It is what it is.

We want to progress your file and achieve completion but we must ensure both you and your lender are protected for eventual re-sale or re-mortgage. We would be negligent to do otherwise. That is why you instruct a conveyancer.

This is the MOST expensive purchase of your LIFE. Surely you want this given the time and attention it deserves. Give your conveyancer peace to focus on it.

We need time and the opportunity to do our jobs and we are doing our very best to help you under exceptionally difficult circumstances.

PLUS I'm not the only one saying it ...

Chasing conveyancer

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