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Abuse of Conveyancers

Abuse of conveyancers


Being instructed does NOT give a client a license to abuse their conveyancer or swear at them.

Quote of the week:“Conveyancers are chimps with typewriters”. How is this acceptable?

Conveyancers are entitled to disinstruct if the relationship breaks down. They are not a public service and are NOT required to act for you.

Conveyancers have a choice.


If you ask us to do something which breaches our regulations we can say no and withdraw from acting. This is a regulated profession which exists to protect you, and your lender, no matter how inconvenient it may feel.

We are required to adhere to regulations or face penalties and exclusion from our profession. We are NOT required to accept abuse.

If a file is NOT ready we cannot sign it off and proceed simply because you wish us to. That would be negligence on our part. Why would you want to risk that and rush things through without proper checks!

A file is only ready when the conveyancer has carried out all due diligence and compliance and is satisfied the property has clear title and will be good security for the lender.

By signing off a file we are saying that we foresee no issues on resale or remortgage and no subsequent loss of property value.

We cannot sign off because you have agreed a completion date with other parties.

We try to manage expectations and are frequently the bearers of bad news. Sadly, we can’t always tell clients what they want to hear.

Conveyancing is a legal process.

There are NO shortcuts.

Be Kind




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