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How Long Does Buying Your Home Take?

buying a home timescales

According to the Government…

*** Several Months!! ***

It remains unclear why the public believes it will be instant. This is not an Amazon purchase.

This is a huge investment for both you, and for your lender, who require security.

To ensure the property forms adequate security for the mortgage there is a legal process to follow.

Your conveyancer cannot sign the certificate of title (which draws down the mortgage advance) until they are satisfied that the property has good title.

Your conveyancer has a duty to both you and your mortgage lender. No one wants there to be loss of value on resale or remortgage.

The conveyancer would be negligent to proceed without performing the appropriate checks and these take time.

A conveyancer can be struck off, and their law firm removed from the lender's panel, if they fail to follow standard conveyancing practice. They cannot risk it!

buying a home

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