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How to Compare Your Conveyancing Quote?

Cheap is not necessarily the best! How to compare quotes accurately:

• Contact 3 or 4 firms for an estimate and consider responsiveness, quality of content and customer service.

Comparing quotes

• Look at Google and Trust Pilot. A good firm and Conveyancer will be obvious.

• Ask family and friends who they would recommend.

• Personal recommendations by Estate Agents, Brokers or Financial Advisers are also important.

• Don’t be shy. Ask questions and establish if the firm is the right one for you

• Read the whole quote and check terms and conditions. A quote cannot cover all eventualities.

No one can insist on you using a particular Conveyancer. The Regulations that bind Agents, Solicitors, Brokers & Financial Advisors prevent them from forcing you to use a particular firm. You may be pushed towards a particular firm. But the choice is yours.

• Buying a new build? Site may push you towards a Conveyancer on their approved panel. This is generally a good idea as these firms are familiar with the site and can progress quickly BUT the above principles still apply. Some on the panel may be superior to others.

Final Note - you get what you pay for.

Buy cheap pay twice!


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