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Is the Leasehold Scandal Your Conveyancers Fault?

Leasehold scandal

The very nature of standard practice and current conveyancing procedure is that it changes over time.

What was once considered normal practice will not remain that way forever.

Perceptions change and case law reveals issues previously considered normal.

How did we get into this position in the first place

A solicitor or conveyancer can only do what the client asks of them. We don’t make the law the government does.

So if big business is your client and they instruct you to draft a lease that falls within the parameters of the law and follows current practice those are your instructions.

If your client wants to develop a site with leaehold houses the law allows them to do that.

The buyer’s conveyancer ALWAYS asks the buyer to read the documents and sign them of their own free will.

Instead of blaming conveyancers perhaps the law should be changed.

Of course your conveyancer Is always an excellent scapegoat.

Leasehold scandal


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