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Obtaining Property Deeds, Estates, Grants of Probate and Assents

How to get copies of your deeds without a solicitor

legal deeds


If you need copies of your Deeds you can order these online from HM Land Registry via this government weblink.

They are available to the public for a small fee (around £12). Anyone can pay for and order deeds.

Deeds are summarised online at HM Land Registry in an entry called office copies of registered title. Often shortened to office copies. Each property has a register entry and a unique title number.

The office copies are a summary of the historic bundle of Deeds and the Register is maintained by HM Land Registry. It is a public register. Your Conveyancer will order office copies when you are selling your property.


Where dealing with a family estate, or a loved one passing, you may need to obtain a Grant of Probate from the Probate Registry to deal with their assets. A Grant of Probate gives you power to do so.


The Probate Registry is a Government agency. See their weblink 

You will need to supply evidence that you are entitled to the Grant, to deal with the estate / assets and that you are related to the deceased.


The beneficiaries of a Will can seek to Assent the property into their names and update the register (office copies) at Land Registry. Please see link here.

You will need the Will and various documents in support of your application. You do not need to instruct a Conveyancer but it is beneficial as they have expertise and can deal with Land Registry requisitions (questions). It is worth noting that strenuous ID requirements must be satisfied before the Registry will change the office copies. This ensures no property fraud has occurred.

The Registry is known for being pedantic and exacting. They are also incredibly slow and understaffed.


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