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Occupier Waiver / Consent - What Are You Agreeing to…

I, the Occupier, understand and agree that the Mortgage will secure all sums due to the Lender from the Borrower, including the loan, any subsequent loans which may be made and any other sums secured by the Mortgage.

I occupy, or intend to occupy, the Property. I am aware that you, the Mortgage Lender, require me to enter into this Deed in order to consent to the creation of the Mortgage and by agreeing to do so I agree to the following:

a) To postpone any rights, estate or interest I may have

b) To charge, in the Lender’s favour, any estate rights or interest which I may, or will have, in the Property, or the proceeds of sale, and which are not postponed

c) I consent to the Borrower creating a Mortgage over the Property in the Lender’s favour

d) I acknowledge that the Mortgage will secure the loan, any additional loans and any other sums which are due to the Lender from the Borrower both now and in the future.

e) I agree that any rights that I have, or may acquire, in the Property or the proceeds of sale shall, by virtue of this Deed be postponed in the Lender’s favour and shall be subject to the Lender!s legal rights, interests and remedies under the Mortgage.

f) If I have an interest, or right in the Property, or the proceeds of sale, which is not postponed then I charge to the Lender any such estate, interest or rights as security for all money and liabilities secured or to be secured to the Lender by the Mortgage.

g) I agree not to claim, or maintain, against the Lender any right or interest of any nature in the Property.

h) I will immediately vacate the Property and give up possession to the Lender if they notify me that they wish to exercise their right to possession of the Property under the Mortgage.

i) I agree that the Lender may at any time transfer, charge or otherwise dispose of their rights in this Deed to any person acquiring an interest in the Mortgage whether under or through the Lender

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