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What is Buyer Beware? Avoid Buyer’s Remorse!

Buyer Beware applies to YOU and means the property is sold “as is” or subject to all defects. We sometimes refer to this as caveat emptor.

Buyer beware caveat Emptor

It is vital that YOU carry out searches, inspections, and survey to ensure that you are aware of any defects. From completion you will take the property subject to the same.

The Seller should not misrepresent but they are NOT required to check things for you. If you don’t ask and check things then on your head be it.

Conveyancers do NOT attend the property or concern themselves with its‘ physical condition. You have a survey for that purpose.

Your Conveyancer is looking at legal issues and the title deeds. We will obtain searches for you. We do not arrange your survey.

Your Surveyor is looking at physical condition.

Get the best and most detailed Survey you can afford. It will pay dividends.

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