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When Will Completion Be?

Property completion

During, and directly after Covid, the timescale to completion rose to 10 months. It is now anywhere from 3 to 5 months.

CONVEYANCING is a legal process. It is NOT instant. This is not an Amazon purchase. Agreeing or wanting completion dates that disregard the process will lead to frustration.

Valuations, Surveys, Searches and Mortgages take time. Checking the title and resolving enquiries takes time. There is usually a chain involved and everyone needs to be ready. It is what it is.

Conveyancers want to progress your file and achieve completion. However, we also must ensure both you, and your lender, are protected for eventual re-sale or re-mortgage. We would be negligent to do otherwise. That is why you instruct us.

We can only sign off, certify and request your mortgage advance, when satisfied that title is sound and that there will be no issues or loss of property value post-completion.

This is the MOST EXPENSIVE purchase of your LIFE. Would you prefer it was done QUICKLY or PROPERLY?

Conveyancers need time and the opportunity to do our jobs. We are doing our best to help you under exceptionally difficult circumstances.


There is now a mass shortage of Conveyancers in the industry. Many left due to the stress of the last few years. The rest of us are holding the fort. Please be kind and remember that we keep the country moving and it is exhausting.

Completions Post Covid


Completions Now - October 2022


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