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Where is the Cladding in Cardiff?

Cladding cardiff

KNOWN RISK (as of 2019)

Prospect Place, Cardiff Bay (Lady Isle House)

Quayside, Cardiff Bay

Channel View, Grangetown

Loudoun and Nelson Houses, Butetown

Three blocks at Lydstep Flats, Llandaff North

Celestia, Cardiff Bay (Vega House)

Waterquarter, Galleon Way, Cardiff Bay

Possible Risk:

Victoria Wharf, Cardiff Bay

Celestia Cardiff Bay

Altolusso, Cardiff

Landmark, Cardiff

NB: The above may be Apartments with Cladding and which are also in High Rise Blocks

Cladding Enquiries must be raised by your Conveyancer and a review of the EWS1 is essential to ensure remediation has occurred

Refer the EWS1 to your lender. The EWS1 is only valid for 5 years and should then be renewed.

Works on the cladding will affect your Service Charges I.e. resulting in an increase. If you are lucky the developers will step in.

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