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Conveyancing (Property) Issue? Don’t know Where To Turn?

As a property and home owner many issues can arise. These can be stressful and often you won't know what to do for the best.

These could relate to:

  • Rights of way

  • Boundary issues

  • Adverse possession

  • Financial charges

  • Local Authority charges

  • Planning &/or Building Regulations

  • Leasehold issues

  • Buying your freehold

  • Lease extensions

  • Neighbour disputes

If you want a free no-obligation consultation* with an experienced Conveyancing Solicitor please get in touch now ...

07944 377029

Terms & Conditions Apply:

*One Free consultation with Emma Selfridge Property Solicitor by telephone or email, video call (or in person via pre-booked appointment) lasting 15 mins total. Charges apply thereafter.

This service is offered to clarify if I can assist you, depending on the situation and circumstances, and includes a quote for the necessary conveyancing work to move your matter forward. There is no obligation to proceed with the quote.

Please note that I am employed by a leading Cardiff Law Firm.  Any work I carry out must go through that firm.  My employers are SRA Regulated, members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme & fully insured as required by solicitors regulations. 

GDPR: By contacting me, emailing me or reaching out via social media, you are consenting to your correspondence, and contact details, being forwarded to my email address at my employers. My response is likely to come via my email address at the firm. 

Consultations - Conveyancing Services


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