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Guidance regarding Indemnity Insurance Policies

Take note of the policy definitions, terms, limit of indemnity and how to make a claim.

Indemnity insurance

Your Conveyancer can give no warranty as to the validity or effectiveness of the policy, or the success of any claim. You can easily invalidate an indemnity insurance policy by breaching it’s terms.

The existence of these policies must not be disclosed to any third party, other than a bona fide purchaser or your mortgage lender, without the written consent of the Insurer.

You should not make any admission of liability, offer any promise of payment or incur any costs or expenses without the consent of the insurer as you will invalidate the policy.

The initial one-off premium is based upon the current market value of your property. If market value increases, and you are selling or remortgaging, additional payments may be required to ‘top up’ the policy to increase the limit of indemnity. Your Conveyancer cannot confirm the cost of any potential future top up payments required.

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