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Joint Owners | Tenants in Common or Joint Tenants?

This is what you need to know when you co-own property with another person.


There are two types of ownership:

• Joint Tenants


• Tenants in Common

Think about which is best for your circumstances.


When You Buy property, you will need to specify which type of co-ownership you want. This is set out in the Transfer Deed (TR1).

Your Conveyancer can also draft a Trust Deed to cover differing contributions and “who gets what” on eventual sale. This makes intentions clear. It is especially helpful if parties separate acrimoniously.


Don’t worry if you think you got it wrong when you purchased. Joint ownership can be changed at any time. Speak to a Conveyancer and get it updated.


Property owners should also consider making a Will. Otherwise, your estate passes under intestacy rules. In other words, your home, and assets, may NOT go to those you would wish to benefit.

See also my posts on Trust Deeds & Intestacy for more details.

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