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Why Completion Takes Forever. Too Few Conveyancers & Over-Regulation Perhaps?

conveyancer shortage

The property market is incredibly busy but there are not enough Conveyancers to do the work.

Experts have left the profession in droves. These are professionals who are no longer prepared to be treated with a lack of respect and courtesy. No one wants to be constantly chased and criticised for issues outside of their control. Conveyancers are doing their best in difficult circumstances and battling endless time-consuming regulatory requirements. Constant chasing slows matters down. It does not speed them up.

Conveyancing is highly pressured and buyers and sellers are under immense stress. However, that does not excuse bad behaviour. We are frequently shouted at and abused. The bombardment of passive aggressive emails is relentless. The result is that our expertise is walking away. When you lose this is it any wonder timescales increase exponentially.

The experts who can do it quickly and properly are dwindling and it is impossible to recruit or train new staff. No one wants to be a Conveyancer in today's market.  What is the incentive?

Public perception needs to change. Work with us NOT against us. If we request a document provide it. Arguing about the intrusive nature of the request when our hands are tied does not help. We cannot dispense with the request because it causes inconvenience. Prepare for your conveyancing. It is not the Conveyancers job to find your planning or building regulations certificates. Have them to hand.

We all want the same thing. Completion and the protection of the public and mortgage lenders.

If we cannot sign off on a file, then it WILL NOT complete. Demanding we complete because a completion date has been agreed will not be successful. Not because we are trying to be awkward but because we do not want to be struck off for negligence, removed from a lender panel or have our insurance revoked. We cannot afford to waive due diligence to proceed for you.

Completion dates that parties agree in advance may not synchronise with the legal work involved. It is not possible to agree completion dates at the outset as there are too many variables. Even the simplest matter and minimal chain takes 8 to 10 weeks.

Completion can only occur when we can certify the property has good title and there are NO issues that may affect resale or remortgage. There must NOT be anything which could affect property value. Why would you want it any other way?

If we are not there yet - it is not happening.

Abusing the Conveyancer will NOT get you there.

I am not alone in saying this:



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