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Negative Reviews, Abuse of Conveyancers, Libel & Misrepresentation

You cannot please all of the people all of the time. Inevitably someone will be unhappy and express this via a review.

Abuse of conveyancers

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do and despite the best of intentions things can take longer than you would like. It is frustrating but it’s not necessarily your Conveyancer’s fault.

Buying your home is huge. It is life changing but it is not instantaneous. It takes time to do it properly. This could be anywhere from 10 weeks to 10 months. It depends on the complexity of each property’s title and the number of parties involved in the chain.

But would you want it rushed through?

What happens when you need to remortgage or sell? Will you be happy then to find things delayed while defects are resolved or you suffer a drop in property value? Remember that Conveyancers are looking after your best interests. They are not needlessly delaying matters.

We live in a “Now” culture where the public expect snappy results. You put in an offer and it was accepted - so why can’t this be wrapped up in a week?

It’s not like popping to the shops for your groceries! Ordering a sofa involves a wait of at least 20 weeks. This is a house! Huge sums of money are involved and a 25 year mortgage commitment.

Conveyancers are heavily regulated because the Government wants to crack down on property fraud, ID theft and financial crime. Lenders also have stringent requirements to protect their security.

Is it any wonder it takes time!

Why would you want it any other way?!

So when it is not moving as quickly as you would like you may feel aggrieved and it is easy to lash out. Conveyancers take the brunt of this and many receive devastating reviews.

Please be kind and remember that Conveyancers are not personally responsible for the inevitable delays. Searches, Valuations, Surveys and Mortgage Offers take time to issue.

Conveyancers must follow regulations which the Government implemented to protect YOU and to crack down on crime.

It is grossly unfair to leave a negative review because a Conveyancer could not complete on an arbitrary date which you and the other side picked out with no reference to the legal process. You cannot expect to agree dates and bend the legal process to your will.

The UK Conveyancing process is what it is. It is not perfect and it is not quick. However, Conveyancers do not set the rules and regulations.

Today it seems to be getting worse and I daily read reports of clients threatening Conveyancers with physical harm. Or law firms having to report people for harassment or taking libel actions for comments and misrepresentations uploaded in negative reviews.

Any review which is NOT a truthful representation of what occurred can get you into hot water. Verbal threats to your Conveyancer are not acceptable and you could be sued for damages or prosecuted if reported. Please think before you post.

This is someone’s professional reputation and their livelihood. They are simply doing their job and they are trying to help you.

Are you being fair in your review or are you lashing out in the heat of disappointment?

Conveyancer abuse

Conveyancer abuse negagtive reviews

Conveyancer abuse


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