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Not Bringing the Profession Into Disrepute

Did you know that all Solicitors are bound by the profession’s code of conduct? This requires that your Solicitor must act with integrity and NOT bring the profession into disrepute. If your Conveyancer is a solicitor they will be bound by this.

Not all Conveyancers are solicitors. There are different qualifications and different regulatory bodies. Your Conveyancer may be unqualified but have experience ‘on the job’ or they could be a member of the Council of Licensed Conveyancers. Either way they regulated and required to look after your best interests.

You can be assured that your Conveyancing Solicitor will always act in your favour and that they are there to protect you. Although bear in mind that they also have a duty to the mortgage lender and cannot misrepresent matters. They are an officer

Your Solicitor, and their firm, face serious consequences for breaching the code. It is not worth their career and/or practice, so they will not risk it.

The code of conduct ensures honesty and that your Solicitor puts your interests first. That is why they are involved. They are there to protect you.

Bear in mind that they may not be able to tell you what you want to hear. They get a bad rep for being the bearer of bad news but they have to be honest with you.

There are other concerns for your Solicitor. They are heavily regulated and must comply or face sanctions by their regulatory body.

Although heavily regulated they are not public servants and they do not have to take your matter on. If they do, but a conflict arises, they are able to disinstruct and sometimes they have no choice as they are unable to act .




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