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The Luton Vicar & Property Fraud

Luton Vicar property fraud

Protect your property from FRAUD. Especially if you do not live there. Speak to a Conveyancer to discuss your options.

Don't get caught out like the Vicar from Luton.

Working away from home for a time but returns to find his home sold on without his knowledge. All his belongings gone. His home being altered without his consent. He received NONE of the sale proceeds. The poor buyer oblivious to this fraud.

(Widely reported by BBC, and others, at the time).

The scams are incredibly sophisticated and many have been duped.

HM Land Registry are able to register a Property Alert to protect your home. You need to ask them to do this. It is NOT automatic.


Make sure to keep your details up to date at Land Registry in case they need to contact you.

Contact me for more information and to protect your property.

Read the BBC articles here about the Luton Vicar who lost his home ...

November 2021 - Initial Reports

October 2022 - Still Fighting to Recover His Property

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