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Winner at the Welsh Law Awards - Pro Bono Law Services 2023 Cardiff South Wales Awards

Amazing news. I have been awarded the Pro Bono Law services of the year award at the Welsh Law Awards 2023.

The Welsh Law Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Wales legal community. The awards showcase success, champion Welsh lawyers and recognise the leading players.

I was nominated for my pro bono contribution to offering freely available conveyancing advice for the public and promoting and supporting the Conveyancing profession via my blog. This was a category I was understandably thrilled to feature in. I faced stiff competition and had no expectation of success. Imagine my surprise at being successful.

To everyone who has followed and recommended my blog, I cannot thank you all enough for your support. It means the world to me as I love my profession and want to be the best at what I do while also giving back to my community. I have worked hard for everything I have achieved in my career and I have a passion for my profession.

If you would like to like to find out more about my award winning service, please contact me today.

Finalist at Welsh Law Awards 2023 – Pro Bono Category

I am proud to announce that my Conveyancing and Property Blog has been honoured as a finalist at the Welsh Law Awards 2023 – Pro Bono Category

Finalist at Welsh Law Awards 2023 – Pro Bono Category

What Is The Blog?


Essential Advice and Insights about Property and Conveyancing to benefit homeowners, sellers, buyers and anyone involved or interested in the Conveyancing process.  This includes anyone starting out as a Conveyancer, Estate Agent, or Mortgage Broker.  The Blog provides practical advice and explains current Conveyancing practice.  It is free and open to everyone.  It covers topics you would generally have to pay your property lawyer to advise upon.


Articles include:   

Why Did I Start The Blog?


Conveyancers tend to be vilified and seen as the bad guys stopping people from buying their dream homes with what is seen to be our unnecessary and complex paperwork and requirements.   Identity checks, AML, source of funds and compliance frustrate and alienate the public.  The Blog attempts to address this, to explain why we do what we do and to explain the process.  

Why Do Conveyancers Have So Much Compliance?


Conveyancers are heavily regulated by the Government and have been made the frontline to combat identity theft, property fraud and criminal activities such as money laundering and mortgage fraud.  


I hope I am assisting the profession, and the public, by providing an independent and easily accessible source of information.  A place where anyone can obtain advice on the Conveyancing process.  The Blog is a “Go to Guide” explaining what is going on in your Conveyancing matter and why.   


How Is The Blog of Benefit To You?


I make no profit from the Blog.  There is no charge to readers or subscribers.  I am a Conveyancing Solicitor of 20 plus years who wants to help the public and her profession.   I regularly post updates and information from Conveyancing media outlets to update and assist the public, and my colleagues, so we keep abreast of current matters affecting buyers, sellers and homeowners.  If you are involved in property or a homeowner, or want to be, then the Blog is for you.


About The Welsh Law Awards 2023


The Welsh Law Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Wales legal community.  The awards showcase success and champion Welsh lawyers and recognise the leading players.   Media coverage is provided by Wales247 and the awards are widely covered on social media.  The finalists will meet on 10th May at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff to celebrate their nomination with a gala dinner.  It is a huge honour to be a finalist.




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