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Buyer Beware / Caveat Emptor

Buyer Beware applies to YOU as the purchaser and means the property is sold “as is” or subject to all defects.

Conveyancers often refer to this as caveat emptor.

It is vital that YOU carry out searches, inspections, and survey to ensure that you are aware of any physical defects. From completion you will take the property subject to these.

The Seller should not misrepresent the position. However, they are NOT required to check things for you, and only have to answer questions you ask.

If you don’t ask, don't obtain searches, survey or carry out a final inspection, then on your head be it.

Remember your Conveyancer does NOT visit the property or concern themselves with its physical defects. You have a survey for that purpose.

Your Conveyancer is looking at legal issues only. They will raise enquiries of the seller's solicitor but

cannot offer any guarantee that the responses given are correct.  Your conveyancer can only report to you that which has been stated to them.

Further, your Conveyancer needs you to inform them about any alterations and you MUST have a survey. Do NOT rely on a lender valuation which is not adequate. They are not detailed enough.

Anything that is not working once you complete is your responsibility. The seller is not obliged to do anything from completion.

Be thorough.

Do not leave yourself open to buyer's remorse.

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